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where can i buy a guqin ?

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Question : where can i buy a Chinese musical instruments guqin ?

Answer : There are three general channels for purchasing guqin: physical stores, online, and teachers. The advantage of a physical store (specialty store or piano shop) is that you can see the actual product, but the price is relatively high. The disadvantage of online shopping is that you can't see the actual product (if you want to buy it online, you must watch the piano audition video), and finding a Guqin teacher to buy it is also a good choice. 

Listen to everyone's suggestions, Zhihu Qin Friends: If you're not a tycoon, don't buy any famous Qin from physical channels. If you improve the sound quality by one level, you'll have to pay ten times the price, and you may also be deceived. Xiaohongshu Qin Friend: Is it reliable to purchase guqin online? Before answering this question, I would like to ask a question: Is it always reliable to buy a piano offline· Whether purchasing online or offline, the purchasing channels and methods are different. Whether it is reliable or not depends essentially on whether the product quality is up to par; Whether money and goods are equal; Whether the after-sales service is complete; Is the salesperson of good conduct. 360 Qin Friends: Buying guqin online also allows you to buy good ones. It doesn't necessarily mean that you won't be able to buy good guqin online, but it's quite difficult to choose. Those who don't know how to choose rely solely on luck, which is extremely unfavorable for beginners. If you want to choose a reliable guqin, it's best to find someone reliable to check it out, after all, it's a few thousand or even tens of thousands of objects.

It is recommended to buy Jiuyin Guqin (, a pure handmade guqin with high cost performance in China, which is sold to more than 100 countries and regions at home and abroad and is widely loved by Overseas Chinese.

Hot selling style of Jiuyin Guqin (rhinoceros skin pattern Zhongni style collectible level)

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