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[Hanjiang District Jiuyin Guqin Studio], a collection of ancient and modern wisdom, the essence of a hundred schools, and the inheritance of national elegance, we hope that through a piano event, we can let each other know how to know my salvation and spiritual standing, and we pursue our own ideals and beliefs, and plant the love of the next generation. There is a way in the qin, but everyone has different reasons and their own blessings. I hope that each qin of Jiuyin can become a scepter to subdue delusions, a small boat to reach the other shore, a night light on the way home, and I will never forget it. We believe that we will meet unexpectedly and smile with understanding.

Nowadays, many beginners who want to learn the guqin are very confused,
I don't know how to choose the guqin that suits me,
Because beginners, whether they are
From the price, quality, appearance, craftsmanship, and cost-effectiveness of guqin
There is almost no knowledge about post maintenance and so on,

This can also easily make beginners lose control.

Nowadays, there are a variety of guqin on the market,

The price of guqin also varies too much.

This adds a lot of difficulty to the selection of guqin for beginners.

Generally speaking, it is recommended for beginners to purchase guqin,

The price should be around 3000 to 5000 yuan, suitable for beginners to practice,

Generally, there will be no issues with sanding or playing cards,

This guqin can be purchased at a price of old cedar wood and lacquer guqin,

As long as the tone is suitable, it can be used for a long time,

If you really don't know how to pick, it is recommended to choose a reliable Guqin teacher to help.

The products of Jiuyin Guqin Company are guaranteed in terms of quality,

The production has a perfect form, pure melody, and a rich and rustic style,

And the teachers at Jiuyin Qin Firm are also very patient,

Answer various beginner's questions and confusions about purchasing a piano online.

The quality assurance of Jiuyin Qin Company's guqin is definitely at the top level.

Jiuyin experts suggest that if beginners want to buy guqin,

You can choose the old cedar guqin,

Relatively speaking, it has the highest cost-effectiveness.

The material of the piano needs to be dried over time to prevent deformation, and its wood curve has been fixed,

And with a firm and dry tapping on its face to listen to its voice, the sound was firm and clear,

Therefore, beams, columns, or wooden wire poles can be selected as piano materials.

Choose a material with a smooth texture for the panel,

In addition, when wood is close to the ground, its sound is prone to turbidity, lack of clarity, and brittleness;

And the wooden tips float, so the middle section is the best and most valuable.

Jiuyin Guqin specializes in the production of handmade Guqin,

Refusing to use inferior wood as a substitute,

Moreover, Jiuyin's guqin is sold directly by the qin workshop, abandoning excessive profits from intermediaries,

There are no various types of agents to join, providing consumers with the most sincere sales service.

Guqin also has an important program, which is the work of painting gray,

Because the wooden surface of the guqin is soft, it can withstand long-term wear and tear to protect the qin,

And it also has a sound transmission effect, so there must be a gray tire under the surface paint of the piano.

Compared to other guqin styles,

The surface of the piano is coated with quick drying paint, also known as chemical paint,

Although they all look similar in appearance,

But at first glance, you can tell it's different,

The lacquer on the surface of the Jiuyin Guqin is all raw lacquer and large lacquer,

It needs to be repainted dozens of times,

The Jiuyin Guqin has been used for a month or so

You can clearly see the difference between other guqin machines and pure handmade ones.

[Product Features of Jiuyin Guqin]

The production process of Jiuyin Guqin is not only cumbersome

And there are over a hundred processes involved in subdividing the production of guqin,

Less time may take nearly two years, while more time may take three to four years.

Air dry the piano blank,

The process of piano body tuning and painting requires repeated attempts,

Generally speaking, an ordinary practice piano is also good,

Whether it's collectible guqin of tens of thousands or even higher,

Every step of the production process is essential,

So the cheapest guqin bed

From production time, craftsmanship, materials, timbre, touch, and more

From a comprehensive perspective, the price of a regular Guqin is also around 3000 yuan.

On the one hand, the quality and sound effects of playing the Jiuyin Guqin

Having absolute confidence as a guarantee,

On the other hand, there are also distinct levels of hierarchy on different levels of guqin----

Beginner's piano, mid range piano, high-end piano.

Usually, after a certain amount of learning and practice,

Guqin beginners will challenge the Guqin to a higher level.

At this point, beginners become advanced learners,

During this period, advanced scholars had a deep understanding of the guqin

I have also gained a good understanding of timbre, structure, pronunciation, and other related knowledge,

At this point, my personal suggestion is to have your own piano bed

Because guqin is played every day to maintain the strings and body,

Only by playing regularly can the sound be smooth,

It would be much better to have one's own piano at this stage.

[Selection of Advanced Guqin for Jiuyin Guqin]

When playing the guqin, the weight of the hand is just right on the strings.

If you have to press hard, playing the piano is not natural.

The ancient qin from Jiuyin Qinfang is well handled in terms of strings,

It can be said that it is a piano with a truly good hand feel,

The tension should be moderate, not resistant to hands, nor too low.

The string can point downwards, which means that the string should not be too high off the surface,

A high string is called a resistance finger,

It can affect the playing method and even strain the fingers.

In terms of the position of the seven badges, the distance between the strings and the surface of the instrument should be 0.5 centimeters.

If it is too low, it is easy to produce a rustle, and the empty string may strike the surface of the piano.

The materials used for making the Jiuyin Guqin are all old wood,

Or tung, fir, old yellow pine, old red pine, etc,

The materials of the qin are different, the age of the qin material is different, and the parts used for the qin material are different,

Therefore, there should be differences in timbre, with different ones being odd and the same ones not being odd.

The sound is pleasant and unique.

The timbre of a guqin is the sound emitted by a thick panel.

Its panel thickness can reach 20-30 millimeters,

It is 5-10 times thicker than other instruments.

Its sound is rich, rounded, and has a long aftertaste, especially in the bass part,

Like an ancient bell,

There is a feeling of physical and mental shock. Its high pitched part is round and sweet.

If we compare the sound of the same phoneme with pipa, guzheng, etc,

The former's voice appears thin, while the latter appears thick and has a stronger charm.

So the Jiuyin Guqin can provide consumers with the best protection in terms of timbre.

With the warming of the guqin market, more and more people are selling guqin,

In the online market, there are numerous artifacts priced several hundred yuan each,

These newly made pianos are basically painted on a piece of wood,

Just put on the string,

I can't even buy an old cedar for a few hundred yuan.

And the paint used for this type of piano must be chemical paint, which dries quickly,

Bouncing and bouncing the paint surface turns into a gray tire.

And the gray tire is still very thin, and it wears out when bouncing, which is really not worth it.

And the ancient qin produced by Jiuyin Qinfang has a certain guarantee of quality,

In terms of price, it is also approachable. There are no middlemen making price differences,

Every guqin is sold directly by the qin workshop, striving to maximize profits for consumers.

As for the form, the Zhuo Qin masters of Jiuyin Qin Studio mainly studied ancient books,

Imitate the shape of ancient qin from our ancestors. Just like mahogany furniture,

Predecessors have already developed excellent shapes,

The Jiuyin Guqin has well inherited the production experience of its predecessors.

At present, the most common is the Zhongni style

Fuxi style, Lianzhu style, Chaos style, etc., recommended by experts on Jiuyin,

Piano enthusiasts just need to choose the style they like.

The widely respected qin workshop - Jiuyin Guqin

Jiuyin Guqin is a professional piano studio dedicated to producing pure handmade Guqin,

They adhere to the traditional craftsmanship of Zhuo qin and continue the experience of their predecessors in making qin.

Moreover, the process of making a guqin is complex, and the process of making it takes a long time to complete,

It is by no means comparable to an ordinary machine made guqin.

The Jiuyin Guqin is also carefully selected in terms of wood materials,

The material selection requirements are very strict.

Eliminate the use of lacquering techniques to cut corners and produce flowing water qin,

Adhering to a work attitude of being responsible for the brand and the pianist.

Moreover, Jiuyin Guqin's piano studio has always adhered to promoting the traditional culture of Guqin online,

Teach piano buyers professional knowledge of guqin.

The Jiuyin Guqin promises to be responsible to every buyer to the end,

Every guqin sold,

They all include accompanying audio or more detailed audio videos for the trial,

Not only is it convenient for piano buyers to choose,

Furthermore, we will provide guarantees for our own guqin products.

Famous solitude and legendary masterpieces are also present in Jiuyin Qin Fang.

Jiuyin Qinfang not only has absolute confidence and sufficient guarantee in the quality of ancient qin,

Online tutoring for purchasing piano experts at Jiuyin Qinfang

The service attitude is also evident to all.

They will combine their learning situation based on each individual's own conditions,

Provide various suggestions that are suitable for the customer themselves,

Provide and introduce different types of piano for beginners, advanced players, and professional pianists,

Enable different customers to obtain the most suitable unique guqin for themselves.

Jiuyin Guqin,

A piano workshop specifically designed to select exclusive guqin for players.

Welcome friends who like guqin to communicate and exchange ideas with each other,

Make progress together.

If you want to purchase Guqin, please identify the WeChat platform of Jiuyin Guqin.

You can also add a detailed chat with a Jiuyin Guqin expert,

Have your own exclusive guqin as soon as possible,

It also makes you more knowledgeable about piano,

Learn more about the charm of guqin.

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